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Bobby Bowry has come out on national television today and claimed that when playing away at Leeds, players must deal with racist monkey chants from the crowd.

Leeds United fans were quick to point out the fact that Bobby Bowry has never actually played a game of football at Elland Road, home or away.

This point sparked a response from Bobby, who put out a tweet addressing the flaw in his statement made on Sky Sports.

bobby has claimed to have heard racial abuse to his teammates on the ”night” of the game. However, his memory of the game played almost 30 years ago, seems to not be as accurate as he thinks, with it actually being a 3PM kick-off.

Bobby claimed that this event took place ”on the night”, when in reality it was a mid-day kick off. This highlights further flaws in his statement.

Another point which has caused outrage is the fact Bobby has based his statement on an event which had taken place 28 years ago; the way in which he presented his statement on Sky Sports, was as if to say this is something which happens in the present, rather than 28 years ago. This is demonstrated by the fact he is speaking in present tense, rather than past tense: ”Playing away at Leeds and other clubs, you know, when you go there, you get the monkey chants and that”.

The use of the words ”when you go there” and ”you get the monkey chants” as opposed to saying ”when you went there”, or, ”you got the monkey chants” implies that Bobby is presenting this as something that happens in modern day football at Elland Road.

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Furthermore, Leeds United fans have been quick to point out the fact that in that same squad which played for Leeds United that day, there was several black players. For example, Chris Whyte and Chris Fairclough.

There are also many black players who are borderline worshipped by Leeds United fans. For example, Whyte, Fairclough, Wallace, Yeboah, Radebe etc. It seems very strange that fans would racially abuse some players, but idolize others.

If what Bobby is saying is the truth, then that means he will have been seated in the West Stand at Elland Road. The same stand which features the directors of the club, the rest of the Crystal Palace squad and management team, with Bobby being the only player who has ever claimed to have heard racist abuse in this game. Who were the teammates he heard being abused? Why haven’t they spoken out? Why was this incident not reported? These are all questions that Leeds United fans as desperate for Bobby to answer.